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The Parish community of Santo Stefano in Paterno is located in an area of about 1300 inhabitants in the Commune of Bagno a Ripoli. When you drive by or drive out of the Highway – Exit Firenze Sud you can see the bell-tower of our church up on the hill.

A tight connection to the history of our Parish Church ( in the past it was only a country church, now it is just at the outskirts of the city) has not prevented our community from being presently composed  not only of the inhabitants of the surroundings, but also of people and families coming from other areas of Florence and who are fully integrated in it as a free choice. On the other hand I think that this is a wide-spread experience everywhere. Should someone  like to become more familiar with our make-up, data and information are to be found in the document

The web-site we introduce here does not intend to be a  journal and not even a quick and synthetic report that our communication experts like so much nowadays. You will find in these pages some documents dealing with topics we have questioned ourselves about and we still go on investigating.

You will not find documents written only to be inside the web-site. We put them at your disposal since we think they could be useful. Each word has originated from moments of our life in the community:

Days for peace

They were conceived in 1991 during the first Gulf War: we choose a subject and invite one or more competent persons to discuss it then we transcribe faithfully the recording of this intervention and of the subsequent debate.

Riflection on the Bible

This is effected by the priest on various subjects and it is then distributed to everybody in preparation of the Meeting:

Meetings of the community

This is the aim for opening the present web-site: hoping  that someone near or far away can read us, mail us and inform us if one is tuned with us or not, or even criticize us to help us growing. This is what we need.

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